Complete Private Cloud Solution

The Cloud Storage Revolution

Free cloud storage from companies and services like Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud and Google Drive have changed the way that documents and files are shared between users and devices. And, considering the basic versions are all free, these are excellent small-scale options for any private user so long as no sensitive or critical information is ever shared, stored or hosted, since a lack of internet connectivity, a maintenance failure or imposed time restriction by the hosting agent can cause the data to become lost or irretrievable. Or worse, files and could be stolen or copied by internet hackers or thieves.

With so many companies now networked and sharing data, files, and documents between multiple users, it is critical to have a safe, secure, and convenient storage solution that can provide access to shared files among approved individuals, whether they are on the other side of the cubicle divider or the other side of the world, and across a broad range of devices and operating systems.

Cloud Storage from Synology

Having successfully created, operated, maintained and managed remote storage for our team of experts spread throughout China and other parts of Asia for the past several years, HCEA is now proud to be able to offer a simple, affordable and reliable cloud storage solution to the public: Cloud Storage from Synology.



Synology is the result of four years of real-world experience hosting data remotely in what is sometimes a difficult cyber-environment. Putting our experience to use, HCEA has designed Cloud Storage from Synology to be very user friendly by supporting Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems.

At the same time, Synology is robust enough to handle huge amounts of data, and it is easily expandable by simply increasing the number of storage drives in the server. Plus, with VPN sign-in capabilities users can access and work directly on the remote server if needed.


Finally, Synology is secure. Data loss is eliminated because, even during periods of no internet connectivity all files are hosted privately within the server and are easily retrievable in-house. Additionally, up to 32 previous versions of every file can be stored as back-up files if needed or desired, meaning that past iterations of files are always retrievable.

And because Cloud Storage from Synology is a private network, access is restricted to only the individuals approved by the IT manager for the company and data transfer is protected through SSL data encryption, HTTPS and proxy options if needed. Thus, remote tampering or hijacking is greatly reduced, since thieves don’t gain access to an entire domain by simply hacking into a free cloud hosting agent’s storage server network.

Finally, in the event of an internet connectivity or electrical failure, Synology automatically synchronizes within 10 seconds of reconnection to ensure that all data is brought up to date. Plus, routine synchronization between servers located remotely can be programed to be completed as often as needed to ensure that all updated data is available between locations. And by linking multiple storage servers together to function as a single network, reliability is greatly improved because a disconnect in one location no longer means that data is isolated until the internet connection is restored, since all needed files are still available in another location(s).


The value of computing is not measured in the cost of the hardware, but rather the data that it contains. This means that spending huge amounts of money on costly equipment is no longer necessary to have a safe and reliable private data storage solution. To this end, HCEA has designed our complete private cloud storage solution to be both powerful and affordable. Basic pricing for a stand-alone 2,000 GB (2 Terabyte) capacity cloud storage server is only €650 and adding a back-up/additional remote server that can be placed anywhere in the world starts at just €350 more.

Furthermore, because a 2-disc storage server uses a little as one-tenth of the electricity required to operate a conventional “always on” blade server, electrical usage is greatly reduced. This is good news for both the environment and the company’s electric bill. So thanks to Cloud Storage from Synology, private cloud storage is now safe, simple, reliable and affordable.