Sina Weibo vs Twitter

According to Sina Weibo is one of the most popular Chinese micro blogging websites in China. “Weibo” is the Chinese word for “microblog”. It follows the same basic structure as Twitter but with many different features. The Sina Weibo was established in 2009 and is now the largest micro-blogging site in the country with over 200 million users, and counting. It is often identified as the “Chinese Twitter” but it features more in terms of content, customization and structure than its American counterpart. With ultra competitive market, Sina Weibo hosts more than 5000 verified companies and 2700 implications of Sina Weibo for brands and social web marketing.

The Sina Weibo vs.Twitter Chart illustrates some important differences between the technical functions of Twitter and Sina Weibo. Aside from their technical functions, their users’ habits also differ. HP Research Center found that Sina Weibo users share and comment more about entertainment while Twitter users focus on news. Experts have analyzed that Weibo has effectively merged the social networking characteristics of SNS, the individual touch of blogs, the convenience and spontaneity of instant messaging and the variety of subjects of BBS.


Most of the tweets and comments posted on Weibo reflect the personal perception and experience of the user. As such, the companies are using social media, micro-blogs in particular, to collect consumer insights and monitor their perception of brands. This opportunity will allow brands to capture current market information and perform checks for their brand positioning. Moreover, constantly checking competitor’s social media activities will be one of its other advantages. Consumer-generated contents will reflect the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, which will lead to possible opportunities for your social strategy.

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