About Us

HCEA Strategic Marketing helps your company break into new international markets and industries by bridging the East and West. We provide B2B and B2C marketing solutions to make integration into a new environment fast and easy. Our years of experience and success helping our international clientele puts us in the perfect position to help your company expand, grow and cross borders to reach the markets you need to be in.

HCEA offers comprehensive business solutions to help you set up your company, locate new products and services to meet changing trends, government regulations, and technologies. We also provide core branding, marketing, advertising services as well as e-commerce solutions to help your company establish its international presence.

We are able to perform negotiations, write contracts, arrange logistics, organize and lead sales and vendor meetings. Our goal is to work with your company to create synergy in your new endeavors that your business will see measurable results from in terms of ROI, greater brand awareness, and hard deliverables that provide a solid link between you and your audience.


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Our comprehensive strategy development services put you ahead of the curve by providing your company with the essential fore-knowledge required to make sound decisions about your future expansion plans through market competitiveness studies and by researching existing products in your planned market that you may need to know about.

The importance of understanding your audience cannot be understated is critical to the success of your project. HCEA Strategic Marketing accomplishes this research through focus groups and customer studies since your target audience in one country may not accurately reflect the characteristics of another. We can help you determine how to reach your buyers and then hone a marketing initiative that is tailor-made to appeal to that demographic while focusing your products in a price point that will be both competitive and profitable.

Additionally, your venture has the opportunity to benefit from our tangent deliverables including sales channel support through website creation, SEO, and e-commerce tools to make your products easily discoverable and accessible and create synergy in your new location. Plus, we can locate distributors and provide logistics to ensure a steady, sustainable supply chain to keep you in business.


Advertising and Branding

HCEA Strategic Marketing provides branding and advertising solutions to make your company and products instantly recognizable in your new market.

We are able to assist you in creating your company name, brand, logo, and advertising materials that best represent your products in a clear and understandable manner and then execute brand awareness initiatives via multimedia advertising campaigns across numerous platforms to get your company and products noticed.

By tapping into online technology including e-commerce, CMS, SEO, SMO, web analytics, and target-based copy writing we can increase your search success and put your company in front of your buying audience. We will then carry your overall message through to your product packaging, community interaction, public relations events, and trade shows, thus creating the feeling of a well-established and thought out company and product line from the very beginning.

When it comes time to grow your brand even further, HCEA Strategic Marketing can guide you through customer loyalty programs to keep buyers coming back and even help you set up partnerships, franchising, and distributorships.


Sales Initiatives

When your company is ready to launch a new sales initiative, HCEA Strategic Marketing has the resources you need to succeed including regular website updating, e-campaigns, newsletters, and blogs along with strong social media presence and interactive campaigns to create web chatter and that essential “buzz” in the general public. Further, to reach industry insiders, we are able to provide white papers, research articles, trade event presence, brochures, sample material, gifts and even staffing if needed.

When you are ready to complete a sale, HCEA Strategic Marketing can provide assistance with proposals and contract drafting, sales personnel and legal representation to make closing your complex deal easier and more secure.


Business Solutions

Because HCEA Strategic Marketing is a unit of HCEA Hong Kong Consulting Engineering Asia we are able to link you with all the exceptional services that our parent company has to offer. This means that you can benefit from our extensive experience connecting international companies to thousands of suppliers around the globe and facilitating business expansion and creation into new countries and markets through a huge network of partners and trade relationships, thus opening doors and providing introductions and access to knowledge that is truly invaluable during the early stages of expansion.

As your venture progresses, availing your business of HCEA's network of manufacturing, sourcing, procurement, logistics, packaging, shipping, quality control assurance, and legal compliance and assistance agents allows you enter your new market or country with all of the set-up and preparation phases done for you, and a reliable and proven supply chain already in place and ready to go to work.

To ensure that your dealings are competitive, profitable, and legal HCEA is able to manage negotiations, supplier contracts, mediation, bidding, legal representation, translation services, factory touring, and even travel arrangements. When your project gets underway, we can also institute factory training on your behalf if needed, along with ongoing quality control during manufacturing and all subsequent phases to ensure that your products are delivered as expected; on time, on budget, and to specified standards. HCEA is even able to assist you with international product certification and technical research.

These services save your company the time, hassle, and expense of overseeing every step of your project personally in overseas locations and since HCEA works for your business we never receive compensation from any of our vendors or agents, thus guaranteeing our interests are exclusively based on seeing your project succeed and all your dealings remain confidential and exclusive.