Google Trends For Market Research

Long relied upon as an excellent gauge for search engine optimization and estimating potential web traffic, Google Trends is also an exceptional market research tool to analyze interest in particular industries, products, services, and ideas and measure potential demand and public awareness in very specific locations by looking at what people are already searching for.

Because Google Trends allows users to examine data based on a regional or national parameters within specific periods of time, then presents the findings in a user-friendly, easy to understand format, it is an excellent platform to research public interest and quantifiable web traffic, and best of all it's free.

Take Commercial LED Lighting as an example.

For proof of the amount of interest that has been shown in Commercial LED Lighting and related products in recent years, consider this chart from Google Trends showing a steady increase in the number of searches for these types of products from 2004 until now. You will especially note that the number of searches has doubled in interest in just the last year. This is the type of useful information that can take some of the guesswork out of judging the future direction of a particular industry.

Commercial LED Lighting Google Trends Chart:


One company that has capitalized on this type of information is LUXcomb. By providing commercial LED lighting solutions with global web sales support and marketing, and then offering distributorship options around the world, LUXcomb has positioned itself to provide products and services that are in demand by consumers and hassle-free for vendors.

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