Google Trends For Market Research

Google Trends is a great way to analyze a particular market place prior to moving forward with your marketing budget.

Utilizing Social Media Sites

Why would a company want to use social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Youku and so on? There are many more reasons then I can list in this brief blog. But here are a few of the top ones:

Localization and Diversification

As you know, our singular focus is helping our customers to expand, grow and enter new markets. With that in mind, I think it's appropriate to talk about localization and diversification when entering international markets.



HCEA considers the 2013 Chimport Fair a great success, and we are currently working on closing contracts to get our client’s products into the distributors warehouses and retail outlets as soon as possible with preliminary sales estimates for our clients well into the hundreds of thousands to tens o…


Due to a large number of requests from our customers, HCEA will represent our customers at the first distributor based fair in Mainland China to showcase imported products to be sold inside Mainland China: CHIMPORT 2013 World Brands China Import Fair, Guangzhou, September 26-28 (http://china-import-…

Luxury China 2013 Trade Show

Luxury China 2013, organized by Zhenwei Exhibition Group, will be staged in China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) from June 22 to June 24, 2013.
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