We consider the 2013 Chimport Fair (http://china-import-fair.com) a great success, and we are currently working on closing contracts to get our client’s products into the distributors warehouses and retail outlets as soon as possible with preliminary sales estimates for our clients well into the hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of US dollars or more.

The Chimport World Brands Fair from September 26-28 in Guangzhou was a very special event, since it is the only trade show created specifically showcased foreign-made products to distributors focused on the Mainland China and Pan-Asian market. This meant that rather than competing with thousands of other similar (yet often inferior) locally sourced or manufactured products our clients and their wares were able to stand out for what they really were: foreign designed and manufactured goods that can be imported for sale in China. The distributor agents who attended were coming with the express intent of locating just these types of goods and services, which ensured realistic expectations on their part and facilitated easy dialog about the possibility of bringing these desirable items to Asian markets.

During the expo, HCEA was able to connect our 10 client companies, in addition to partner companies, we represented at Chimport to make connections with literally several hundred legitimately interested distributors, many with distribution and retail networks throughout China and some even across Asia or as far as Europe and South America. On average, each of our clients made real, viable connections for distributorship with nearly a dozen reliable and trustworthy potential partners, meaning they now have the luxury of choice for entering the valuable Asian market. These contacts included well-known product specific distributors, retail outlets, grocery and supermarket chains, and retail resellers.

Our team of 10 dedicated business development representatives at the fair spanned a wide range of professional and ethnic backgrounds. Our experts on hand could speak fluently with anyone who came into our display area as all of our representatives at the show are bilingual and natively speak at least English, Mandarin, Cantonese and French. This gave our clients products a solid advantage in the ability to discuss their goods and services, as well as placing us head and shoulders above competitors.

Additionally, HCEA ensured that our clients and partners avoided the major risk of trade shows in China: intellectual property theft. Far too often, companies have had their goods and packaging copied by unethical companies in China which kills their business opportunities before they even begin. We allowed potential distributors the opportunity to taste and test many of our clients’ products inside the trade pavilion, but not a single item other than our trade catalogue could be taken away. This meant that no products or their packaging were released to the public for their use or potential abuse.

HCEA is continually serving our existing client base and currently accepting new clients looking to expand into the Mainland China and surrounding Asian markets.  To determine if HCEA is a good fit for your company’s expansion goals please contact us.


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Our Clients and Partners are as follows:



www.de-balman.com - contact@de-balman.com - (+852) 2146 8996


Monge Granon

The only naturally sparkling wine made from Muscat grape. 

www.clairette-mongegranon.com - wine@de-balman.com - (+852) 2146 8996



Sweet mango chutney from the Philippines

 chutney@yewuguanxi.com -(+852)2109 0840


Skin Care Revolution

Made in Australia with 100% Australian products, minimize fine lines ad renew cell growth




The highest Protection Factor Worldwide 100+ SPF

www.radicoolaustralia.com  - radicool@yewuguanxi.com - (+61) 3 9562 6633



Natural plant based compound that is not only fungicidal: it also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and skin repair activity.

www.biovite.com.au  - biovite@yewuguanxi.com  - (+6107)5520 7544



Innovation, research and development of cutting-edge renewable energy and energy efficiency technology 

www.luxcomb.com  - distribution@luxcomb.com   - (+33)177 455 319


Bruno Capel

French touch in retail architecture

capel@yewuguanxi.com  - (+33)03 81 95 15 55



Lefebure Coster Avocates

A French business law firm fully dedicated to your business in Asia

enquiry@lefeburecoster.com   - +86(0)21 6288 8682


HCEA Photography Agency

Photos as art incite desire. Desire drives sales.

www.photo.hcea.asia   - photo@hcea.asia   -(+86)020 3801 3540


betc design

International Advertising

www.betcdesign.fr   -  +33(0)1 56 41 81 15